Thursday, July 30, 2009

We've moved!

Yes, yes, I know: you KNOW that we've moved. But now the blog has, too! I'm still fiddling with some of the new features/settings/etc, but for the most part, it's rarin' to go. I'll even post things to it sometimes.

The NEW Plus/Linus: A lot like the old Plus/Linus, only toddler-y:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm sorry, what? Did you say it's Wednesday??

I have no idea how it came to be today, today. We've been in a vortex of moving. Until we emerge, please enjoy these unBEARably cute photos of our Linus.
Linus, April 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now is the time for archives: We're goin' stealth.

We closed on our shiny, stucco-rific new house on Thursday, and just when we collectively sighed with relief at no longer having to find paperwork from three years ago or addresses for the LAST TEN YEARS (I seriously had to go to Google Maps, find the street view of a landmark near my old apartments, and work down the street from there. It was brutal. Also, I've lived in an absurd number of apartments over the past ten years.), we quickly realized that we're now entering into a world of backbreaking labor as we scramble to get everything packed and get the house ready for us to make it our home. Thankfully, there is already a bottle in one of the bathrooms that's labeled in marker as "cleaning" product. Sure, yeah..."cleaning"...I get it...huh.

Point is, we're packing up our computer and TV so that we can get all hooked up tomorrow at our new digs. We're still living in our current place for another week, which means that this will be the last post until next weekend-ish. And oh, what a post it will be (she said, knowing full well that it will be just like every other post. Which is to say: fine).

So while we're tired, the good news is that we lovelovelove our new house and know that the payoff for the work will be worth it. Yippee!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What do polite little 1-year old boys do?

They drink water from sippy cups. Kind of.

From Video: Gurgle, gurgle, hissssss.

Note: Please excuse the poor video quality. The video is actually very high-quality, but the file is so large that it gets all wonky when I upload it to the web album. So while you may not be able to see QUITE all of the water running down Linus's chin, you'll still get a pretty good idea.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Beaaaarrrr....


LOTS more photos coming soon--including "after" pictures to go with the one up top. Also, Linus's one-year check-up is this Wednesday, at which point I'll have stats and monkey photos to post. AND we close on our house this Thursday. I find Frank Costanza's "SERENITY NOW, INSANITY LATER!" mantra particularly useful during times like these.

Okay, okay...ONE more photo. I've always been a bit of an ending-spoiler.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me, Happy Mother's Day to me...

This is technically my second Mother's Day, as Linus was born on Mother's Day last year. And while Linus was certainly the best gift I ever could have asked for, I would be lying if I said that the whole "sleeping in while Dan makes breakfast and then brings Linus in to wake me up with a very nice card" thing was pretty nice, too.

As promised, here's a short, low-quality (or "artistic," anyone?) video of L-train showing off his crawling prowess. He really books it when he's after something as valuable as a remote control.

From Video: Bear on the Prowl

Tomorrow is the big day! Bear turns one. ONE! Pictures to follow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guest blogger: My friend Stephanie's boyfriend, Peter

Plus/Linus is going global. Today's post comes from the UK, via Colorado. My friend Stephanie's British boyfriend--which is not to say that she ALSO has an American boyfriend, or boyfriends of any other nationality, for that matter--is an independent thinker. When Stephanie told him that he needed to vote for Linus in the cutest baby contest (She's still harping on THAT?? Yes. But only for the sake of this post. Though I will say, if Linus had to lose, I'm glad that this is the baby he lost to. She's freaking adorable.), Peter resisted, because he's a jerk man who can make up his own mind, dammit. Herewith is the picture in question (and the accompanying text that went with it), and Peter's thoughts on the matter.

My husband is a big Minnesota Vikings fan, so I bought this cute Vikings footie outfit for our son Linus at a secondhand store. It became Linus's unofficial Sunday outfit while the Vikings were still playing. Linus loves looking out our front window--which is pretty clear in this picture, judging by his wide-open, 2-toothed smile.
I decided that I couldn’t vote for linus without confirming that he was, in fact, the cutest one there. however, I only got through about 30 or so photos. Talk about faces only a mother could love. unless erin is willing to send me to some vacation home in the carribbean (sic) like a true lobbyist, I can only vote on the issues.

First: Vikings. Thumbs down. I’ve said it a million times: sports and purple should never intertwine.

Second: Getting his outfit from a second hand store. It’s a little bit pandering to the pity crowd…but it’s earnest. I like it.

Third: Looking out of the window? Needs elaboration. What was he looking at? A bus - could he want to be a bus driver when he gets older? The birds – will he revolutionize biology to benefit man? Go noble, I say. My reaction to this as it stands is: old people like to spend time looking out of the window. I don’t see much of a growth curve with this kid.

Fourth: he’s being held up. America – last I heard – wants an independent thinker. A trailblazer. Someone to break free of the shackles and bring us real change and hope for a brighter future. Linus is being controlled by bigger forces behind him…sounds like more of the same to me. If you were to put him next to a fluffy pitbull that had lipstick painted on it, we’d be in business.

Fifth: I do like the Johnny Rotten hairdo, and he’s not covered in slobber like most of the other children.

Let me think on it.

To which I say: Think on THIS, Peter! Ultimately, though, he did vote for the L-train. 'Lotta good that did.

Thank you, Stephanie, for telling me it was okay to post Peter's email. Peter, I look forward to meeting you this fall. And sorry I called you a jerk.